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The Walkthrough
(Part 2)
Chikoriita Loves this part.... too bad he isn't in the game!!!!!!
Hiya!!! This is the second part of the walkthrough! Since I was working on this webpage with Tripod, I didn't have enough room for the full walkthrough on one page. But even though I'm using something else, I still chose to use two pages for the walkthrough because it would just complicate my life if I tried to do something ELSE different also. I also like the dramatic feel of the To be continued thing.... ^_^

My Walkthrough Part 2!
!%*()Victory Road()*%!
There are eight guards waiting for you to show them your badges. No badges, no entry. You should
of brought a Pokémon equipped with SURF, STRENGTH, and lots of SUPER POTION or REVIVE. Once you get to the door, you will enter it and be in a cave. This is Victory Road, and Bring lots of ULTRA BALLS, because there is a lot of Pokémon that can be caught here, Lv 40 - 50, including the third legendary bird MOLTRES(Lv 70) on the third floor!! When you get to him, go down the ladder at the northwestern corner of the 3rd floor. You'll need to move a boulder at the switch of the southern part of the second floor, then go up the stairs to the right and keep going right. This will be as confusing as SILPH CO. Maybe even more confusing! Once you get out, you will be on the INDIGO PLATEAU at last!

!!!!!!!Your Last and Final Destination-- INDIGO PLATEAU!!!!!!
This is the home of the ELITE FOUR, the four best trainers on the face of the planet, and if you manage to defeat them, you will be able to steal their titles. There is a POKéMON CENTER, and a POKéMART. The POKéMON CENTER has TRAINERS trying to get the ELITE FOUR's titles also, but don't worry, they can't do anything.  The POKéMART is a place you must remember, that has very useful stuff. The best of the best is here, from TRAINERS to POKéMON CENTERS to POKéMARTS! Get your best Pokémon out, and I suggest they are of this combination; One Grass, One Water, One Fire, One Psychic,One Flying, and one Ice Pokémon. Heal the Pokémon, and take all your POTIONS and ELIXERS and just about everything you can determine useful. Be ready to brace for the biggest and most challenging battle of your entire life!! Once you enter, there is no turning back. First up is LORELEI, who specializes with Ice and Water Pokémon. It's best to use a Grass Pokémon right now. She has a tough arsenal  (even though she is the easiest of the four) of a LV54 DEWGONG, a LV53 CLOYSTER, a LV54 Slowbro, a LV56 JYNX, and a LV56 LAPRAS(watch out!), but don't get too nervous. Watch out
for the AURORA BEAM attack, I haven't found a Pokémon that can resist it.......yet. Kick her sorry behind, and she will open the door to the next trainer. BRUNO is a buff guy, with HUGE muscles, and Muscled Pokémon at that. He even works out with them! His Pokémon are pretty strong, and of the fighting and rock type. Use grass, psychic and water Pokémon to beat him. First up is a LV53 ONIX. The others are a LV55 HITMONCHAN, a LV55 HITMONLEE, a LV56 ONIX, and a rather intimidating LV58 MACHAMP. All in all, pretty intimidating. You'll survive. With good sportmanship, he lets you go to the next TRAINER. You are now in a creepy graveyard. Walk farther, and you run into AGATHA, the third of the four. She is a GHOST fanatic! If you have been in LAVENDER TOWN, you should know how to deal with her ghosties by now. Never use Normal, Fighting, Psychic, or Rock. It's best to expieriment with the element types, except the ones I  told you about before. First up is a LV56 GENGAR, a LV56 GOLBAT, a  LV55 HAUNTER, a LV58 ARBOK, and a LV60 GENGAR(watch out!). She does some fancy switching with her Pokémon, and watch out for the dreaded TOXIC attack! Shun her away with her ghostly friends, and be off to the next. Next is LANCE, and he's the dragon Master! Take out your Ice Pokémon, make sure it's strong, and use only ice attacks! He sports a LV58 GYARADOS, a LV56 DRAGONAIR, another LV56 DRAGONAIR, a LV60 AERODACTYL, and a LV62 DRAGONITE. Competition's tough but there is nothing a few years of practice couldn't conquer......+_+

^00^ *Whoa, kewl, amazing, stupendous, AWESOME!* What are you doing? *Playin my red version!* Where are you? *Doy, right where you are! *I have more practice then you!* Says who? *(reads walkthrough) Looks like you need a few more years of practice to me!* GRRRRR.... TAKE THAT BACK!  ^00^

Next up is GARY. He has already beaten the four and wants to beat you the same way. His arsenal will vary, it depends on which Pokémon he picked in the very beginning. The definite half will be a LV61
PIDGEOT, a LV59 ALAKAZAM, and a LV 61 RHYDON. If he chose BULBASAUR in the beginning, He will have A LV61 GYARADOS, a LV63 ARCANINE, and a LV65 VENUSAUR. If he chose CHARMANDER, He will have a LV61 EXEGGUTOR, A LV63 GYARADOS, and a LV65 CHARIZARD. But if he chose SQUIRTLE, He will have a LV61 ARCANINE, a LV63 EXEGGUTOR, and a LV65 BLASTOISE. This is the toughest battle of the ELITE FOUR, and once you beat him, you will get a new space in your computer for the HALL OF FAME. The Pokémon you beat the ELITE FOUR with will be entered into this computer. The credits will roll, and you have to catch all the Pokémon now. You can battle the ELITE FOUR more than once. They Are a good way of earning money, and gaining expierence.

(00)Unknown Dungeon(00)
Well, now that you have done ALMOST everything in the game, this leaves you with two tasks left. First task is to Go to Cerulean City, up NUGGET BRIDGE, and then down into the patch of grass. Use SURF to go to the cave. This is the Unknown Dungeon. Now if you tried to go there before, There was some man guarding the entrance. You needed to be a Pokémon master to go there.. But now you are so that shouldn't be a problem, so tell him off and he'll let you in. Looking around, you can tell that this must have been a dangerous place, because there are so many high level Pokémon in here. Including the ultra powerful MEWTWO!!!!!!!!!!! Now if you didn't duplicate the master ball, this is what you should have been saving it for. Even though Mewtwo is pretty unattarctive in that picture, his power really makes up for it. Now the Elite Four should be a cinch for you. Now that you've gotten the most powerful Pokémon in the planet (besides mew) you're task is almost complete. Now you need to collect all of the 150 Pokémon. So, Have Fun, and GOTTA CATCH EM ALL!!!!!!!

^00^ *Yay, I'm mmmmmmffffffff......* Hah! I wired his mouth shut!!! *MMMMMFFFFFFFFF! MMMMMFFFFFFF MMMFF MFF MFFFFMMMMMMFFFF!* Now I'd better make a removable translator.........^00^

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