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The Walkthrough
(Part 1)
Bellsprout would love to sink his roots into this walkthrough!!!
Hey, All you Crazy Poképeoples!! This is my Walkthrough for Pokémon Red and Blue Versions!! I Corrected some mistakes that might have misled you, and headed certain parts of the walkthrough (Where you're in certain cities) for easy reference!  I want all people able to be able to read this with the greatest ease, so tell me if you have any problems. Hope this helps, It's pretty much complete if you ask me.

*Your Beginning*
You start as this boy in PALLET TOWN that wants to become a Pokémon Trainer. So pick up the POTION
on your COMPUTER and go outside. You can't find PROF. OAK anywhere! But then if you go outside, he'll run straight towards
you. Then he gives you your first pokémon! Your RIVAL is waiting there to bug you and to pick a pokémon himself and he
always picks the better pokemon. So if you get a BULBASAUR, he'll settle for the CHARMANDER. And if you got a
SQUIRTLE, it would be the BULBASAUR. And if you get the CHARMANDER, he gets the SQUIRTLE. And then when you
walk out, it's just normal for him to battle you. But if you use that POTION, you'll win no matter what! So go and run off to
VIRIDIAN and that guy laying on the ground won't let you out of there, so you have to get your POKEDEX first. Stop by the
Pokemart and get OAK'S PARCEL. Then go back to the LAB and give it to OAK. Your RIVAL will be waiting there again.
Give him the PARCEL and he'll give you the POKEDEX. And then you're off! Go back to VIRIDIAN CITY and explore.

You are able to buy POKEBALLS, POTIONS, and everything else from the POKEMART now!! Buy some
POKEBALLS and stuff and go to VIRIDIAN FOREST. You can, not PIDGEYS and RATTATAS but others! (Go
to my LOCATIONS page.) You'll run into 3 trainers that will have Pokémon around L.7. When you finally get out, you will be in
PEWTER CITY. There is a POKEMART, and a POKEMON CENTRE! Heal your POKEMON here, and look around. There is
a neat MUESEUM that has fossils of prehistioric Pokémon like KABUTOPS. It's worth the 50 dollars!! There is a strange
building on the side of it that you won't have access to until you get HM01. So, are you ready to pick a fight with BROCK,
PEWTER CITY's Gym leader? If you got a SQUIRTLE or a BULBASAUR, you're in luck! You've fought only tiny Bug, Bird,
and Rodents, that's all going to change. His LV12 GEODUDE is quite a match, and instead of giving you a break he sends out his
ONIX, at LV14. Once you take down the two rocks BROCK will surrender the BOLDERBADGE, and TM34. No, the
BOULDERBADGE isn't JUST a badge, it has effects on you and your Pokémon! So lets continue this journey on ROUTE 3.
There are 8 trainers on this trail, and they've much stronger bugs with them! Be sensible and go back to the POKEMON
CENTER after a few bouts. Try to catch the rare JIGGLYPUFF before you head into MT. MOON.

Heal your Pokémon and then go into MT. MOON! On the first floor there is a handful of Youngsters, Bug
Catchers and Lasses. Their collection grew to around 3 Pokémon, and LV9 to LV14. Then on the second floor there are 5
ROCKETS, trying to steal fossils from the dig. When you're almost at the end, you'll find a SUPERNERD Guarding his two
fossils, and if you beat him, you get to pick one! Regardless of what you pick,put it in a safe place and don't lose it!!! Once you
leave MT.MOON and jump over the hedge with the patch of grass, there's no turning back to MT.MOON. So collect all the items
you find, and catch all the Pokémon you can. But CERULEAN is where you want to go, so don't fret.

^Cerulean City^
You're first unique Pokémon can be caught here (SANDSHREW for Blue, EKANS for Red)! Now, you're kinda
stuck in CERULEAN for a little while. To get out, defeat MISTY and earn the CASCADE BADGE. Misty is a tough water
Pokémon trainer and has two Pokémon: Staryu at LV18 and Starmie at LV21. Watch out for it's BUBBLEBEAM attack! It is
very accurate and strong, and I sometimes got very frustrated battling her. So again, be careful. If you beat MISTY you also get
TM11, BUBBLEBEAM! If you don't have a POLIWHIRL, that's just a darn shame. You could of gotten a JYNX! Or that
extremly expensive BIKE. Boo Hoo. Let's go on now. Go to the BRIDGE. When your RIVAL shows up, kick his butt and when
he stops whining, he'll leave you and you will fight 5 TRAINERS and a ROCKET to win a NUGGET! To make it cheaper, stop
by the Pokémon CENTER to heal your Pokémon every few bouts with TRAINERS. Then as you're going to the SEA
COTTAGE, you'll run into 11 other TRAINERS. Free BILL the POKéMANIAC from the Pokémon body and he will give you
the SS TICKET. Return to CERULEAN and before you go look around and gloat. Also, be wise and sell that NUGGET- It's
worth 5,000P! There is a house that a POLICEMAN was blocking, and now that he's moved you can go through it. This is the
BURGLED HOUSE, and look at it!! What a mess!!!! The man and woman of the house say that they had an expensive HM
stolen from them. Guess who stole it??!! TEAM ROCKET!!! There is a creep from there standing in their backyard. There, he
shall battle you, then when you win ( you should) He will give you the TM that has DIG in it. Don't bother returning it to the man;
he won't even know that you have it. Take advantage, teach it to GROWLITHE(red) or SANDSHREW(blue)!! This will lead you
out of CERULEAN into ROUTE 5! On ROUTE 5 you can drop a Pokémon by to get leveled up for a small fee. How Generous!!
Actually, the secret to it is 1 experience point for every step. Now, if you left one there or not go down until you see an
UNDERGROUND PATH and a GATEHOUSE. If you try to go through the GATEHOUSE, that will lead you to SAFFRON, but
the GUARD'S feeling a bit thirsty, so he won't let you through. Darn. So go take the UNDERGROUND PATH, and you'll end up
on ROUTE 6. Catch your Pokémon here, but watch out! A few TRAINERS have pretty powerful Pokémon! Now that you left
the competition whimpering,

!Vermillion City!
You ought to be in VERMILION, unless I'm mistaken. Visit the FISHING GURU, and get the OLD ROD. Who
cares if it stinks? You can catch loads of MAGIKARP with it. Visit the POKéMART- they've gotten even better! Then, Do you
remember that stupid BIKE in CERULEAN? There is a FAN CLUB that'll give you a BIKE VOUCHER. The BIKE Helps you
go faster. Do you want a FARFETCH'D? If you have a SPEAROW you can get one by trading with a little girl. Go onto the SS
Anne, and kick some butt. I suggest you talk to everyone on board, and find every item. When you run into your RIVAL, you're
real close to the CAPTAIN, so take the stairway he came from, and you're in the CAPTAIN's ROOM. You can search
everywhere, and when you look into the GARBAGE CAN, you'll see that he gets seasick. Talk to him, and you'll cure him of
seasickness. After doing that, he'll give you're first Hidden Machine! Cut can, after getting the appropriate badge, cut away small
bushes that look diffrent than the trees, Like the one that blocked entry to the GYM. Hopefully you've gotten everything and
battled everyone because now, if you leave the ship, it'll take off without you. So, are you ready for your third bout with another
GYM LEADER? Get out your best Ground Pokémon-or anything else for that matter-except Water and Flying Pokémon. Now,
this is the hard part about getting to LT. SURGE. Talk to the TRAINERS and they will tell you that he's set an ELECTRICAL
LOCK that you have to undo. Look in the GARBAGE CANS, and it'll say if there's a SWITCH there or not. If you find one with
a SWITCH, the second SWITCH is right next to it. Once you've undid this LOCK, the door to LT. SURGE will open. He has
three mean Pokémon- A LV21 VOLTORB, a LV18 PIKACHU, and a LV 24 RAICHU- Watch out for it's THUNDERBOLT
attack! Once you've fainted all of his Pokémon, He'll surrender the THUNDERBADGE! Also he gives you TM24, which teaches
the skill THUNDERBOLT! Teach it to your best Electric Pokémon- because you have only one! Now exit the GYM, and say
solong to VERMILLION CITY! If you continue to ROUTE 11, you notice you can't go on to ROUTE 12, but climb up the
GATEHOUSE and find OAK'S AIDE. If you've caught 30 Pokémon, he will give you the ITEMFINDER. Sometimes, you can't
find items just by looking for them, because they are invisible from the screen. using this device won't pinpoint it, but will tell you if
it's on the screen or not. But, once you see the big huge Pokémon blocking the road, I guess *boo hoo* you'll have to go back. Cut
through DIGLETT'S CAVE, and you'll end up on ROUTE 2. If you have an ABRA, you can trade it for a MR. MIME. ABRAS
are very common, but hard to catch. I will tel you how in the TIPS & TRICKS page. And before you carry on to LAVENDER
TOWN, Grab HM05 From that AIDE. So go back through DIGLETT'S CAVE, and proceed back to CERULEAN CITY. Now
that you have the CUT ability, that little BUSH leading to ROUTE 9, CUT that little nuisance down!!! Enter the BURGLED
HOUSE, and the place where the path east of where the GYM is, that is where the bush is, in case you wondered. There is a
good splattering of trainers here- Good practice for your Pokémon! Then when you finally get to the entrance of ROCK
TUNNEL, equip one of your Pokémon with HM05, and carry on into ROCK TUNNEL!

It's trainer heck here, so visit the POKéMON CENTER when you're in a dilemma. Of Course, you will need
HM05, or you're going to bump into walls. And Trainers can even see you in the dark of the tunnel without the HM, But they
always have Rock Pokemon or SLOWPOKE. And when You're out of ROCK TUNNEL, Go south and you're in LAVENDER

If you talk to the TRAINERS in the area, they are talking about the recent hauntings that had been
occuring. Visit the POKéMON CENTRE, and heal you're Pokémon. REVIVE is the new (but expensive) thing here, so try to buy
one if you can for emergencies. And, did you ever nickname a Pokémon and started to regret it? The NAME RATER will change
nicknames for you, except when the Pokémon is traded. If you go explore POKéMON TOWER, you wont find anything that you
can catch without the SILPH SCOPE so don't even bother.The TRAINERS talking about MR. FUJI say that he's gone. Gee, you
wonder where he went.....? But since there is nothing to do here, take the trail to the west. This trail is none other than ROUTE 8.
It is also splattered with TRAINERS. Since the GUARD at SAFFRON won't let you through, take the UNDERGROUND
PATH that leads straight to CELADON CITY! This wil lead you to ROUTE 7,which isn't much but a plot of land that has some
very rare Pokémon in the little patch of grass. And walk to to the path on the right, And you're in CELADON CITY!

CELADON CITY is known for its huge DEPARTMENT STORE and GAME CORNER. Seeing how
much you can do here, you'll be here for a while. It's rumored that the GAME CORNER is run by TEAM ROCKET. So while
you're in town, why don't you mix business with pleasure and pay them a visit? If you went into CELADON MANSION and saw
that solitary room, go to the east of CELADON CITY and when you're in the back of the CELADON MANSION, search
around for a hidden doorway. You will have access to that solitary room, and inside is a man that talks about the GAME LINK
CABLE. Anyways, the POKéBALL on the table contains a rare Pokémon indeed, EEVEE! Then, Visit the DEPT. STORE and
on the second floor, buy whatever you want, For the Fourth Floor, Buy a POKéDOLL, On the Fifth floor, buy whatever you want,
and on the ROOFTOP, Get a DRINK (for the GUARD.) from the VENDING MACHINES. Now this is up to you, whatever
you want to do first. Then Check out the whole city, you have all the time in the world. You can either beat ERIKA at the GYM,
or check out the GAME CORNER. If you have a grass or a water Pokémon, I suggest going to the GAME CORNER first,
because it provides expierence before you face ERIKA. But if you have a fire Pokémon, you can go face ERIKA whenever you
want to. But if you have a COIN CASE, go score some COINS!!! If you see the ROCKET Guarding the POSTER, Talk to him
and he will fight you! He will then leave and then examine the POSTER. There is a SWITCH under it! Push it, and then go to the
door that opens. And, when you go inside, you're in the ROCKET BASEMENT!! Always try to fight the ROCKETS, because
when you talk to them after they sing like birds. One will drop the LIFT KEY on B4. There you will find GIOVANNI, The leader
of the ROCKETS! Kick butt, make him cough up the SILPH SCOPE, and then haul butt outta that GAME CORNER, so you can
face ERIKA! CUT down the BUSH, and proceed into the GYM. Flame Pokémon work best, but anything else is fine except for
Water, Electric, Ground and other Plants. Erika has a LV29 VICTREEVBEL, A LV24 TANGELA, and a LV29 VILEPLUME-
watch out for MEGA DRAIN! After kicking butt, ERIKA will give you the attractive RAINBOW BADGE, and TM21, MEGA
DRAIN! Feel free to explore the rest of the city now, because you're going back to LAVENDER TOWN.

With the SILPH SCOPE in hand, it's time to tackle POKéMON TOWER. The Ghost Pokémon in here
might seem a little hard to defeat at first, but Psychic Pokémon seem to work best. And if you're lucky, you might come to also
see the rare CUBONE. Your RIVAL is on the second floor, while on the third, fourth, and fifth floor they're all CHANNELERS.
And on the seventh floor, There are three ROCKETS and MR. FUJI. So while you're climbing Pokémon Tower, collecting items
and kicking butt, the strange square on the fifth floor will fully heal you're Pokémon. And the ghost that was haunting Lavender
Town was the Mother Marowak's spirit that was unsetteled by her brutal death caused by TEAM ROCKET. Defeating her is an
act of compassion that will send her sprit to rest at last. Talk to MR. FUJI, that was at the top of POKéMON TOWER. MR.
FUJI will now give you the POKéFLUTE for saving him, so, off to SAFFRON CITY!! Give the GUARD in the GATEHOUSE
the DRINK you purchased, and you're past all of them and into SAFFRON CITY!

*(0)Saffron City(0)*
SAFFRON CITY is nestled in the heart of Pokemon country, and is the largest city in the land. It seems that TEAM ROCKET has taken over, and many of the places that serve a good purpose are blocked off, including the GYM. But one isn't blocked, and it's still a GYM. It's called the FIGHTING DOJO. This used to be a gym for Fighting Pokemon, but there wasn't enough space for 2 gyms. Sabrina's Gym, who rivaled them, went and creamed them, so they were demoted to just a DOJO. They're still pretty tough though! But instead of a BADGE, you get a rare fighting Pokémon!You have to choose from the Hard kicking HITMONLEE, or the punchy Pokémon HITMONCHAN. Both are equal, so take your time. Visit MR. PSYCHIC's house to get TM29, PSYCHIC. I suggest teaching it to your EXEGGCUTE. There is a ROCKET sleeping next to the door of SILPH CO. SILPH CO. hosts some of the finest minds in the world, and TEAM ROCKET seems to be here in full force, trying to find their latest product, the MASTER BALL! SILPH CO. is littered with ITEM BALLS and TRAINERS, and a EMPLOYEE even gives you a LAPRAS! Without the KEY CARD, you have to use the TELEPORT PADS. The KEY CARD is on the FIFTH FLOOR, and inbetween two TELEPORT PADS. Once you have the KEY CARD, you can now venture farther for items, and talk to the EMPLOYEES. Once you see the EMPLOYEE next to the bed, she'll heal your Pokémon, so you know you're getting close to something different, so take her offer to heal your Pokémon, and remember to visit her if you need to. Use the KEY CARD to get through the door on the upper left, and when you fight the ROCKET, take the TELEPORT PAD. So I guess the second you come in this room, you're wondering, "Why the heck is my RIVAL here?!" Why didn't he do anything to stop TEAM ROCKET?! We all will never know, so kick his sorry butt and talk to the EMPLOYEE, who will give you a LAPRAS! So what if this LAPRAS is at LV15? You didn't have to catch it yourself! Take the bottom TELEPORT PAD and you are on the 11th and final floor! When you fight the final ROCKET in this building, open the door, and the person causing all this trouble is GIOVANNI!!!! This time, he's added a decent NIDORAN to his arsenal, so watch out for poisoning! But if you found your RIVAL pretty wuss-like, GIOVANNI will be also. So, with the menace vanquished again, you'll get a great reward, the MASTER BALL!!! But you only get one, so don't waste it. You can either fight SABRINA now, or return once you've beaten KOGA (that's really the order of badges). SABRINA'S Pokémon are stronger, so I suggest you come back later. Go to LAVENDER TOWN, and go to the SPORT FISHING AREA.

These branches of docks are littered with FISHERMEN and such, and if you've been actually battling, fighting them should be a breeze to take out. Wake and catch the SNORLAX in the road (you only have two chances to catch it) , using preferably a ULTRA BALL. Hopefully, you saved one. If not, buy a lot of GREAT BALLS. but don't use POKéBALLS, they're way too weak. Wake the SNORLAX, and then enter the FISHING GURU'S HOUSE. This guy's giving a SUPER ROD away! You can catch many things with it. Try it out! As you enter ROUTE 13, You will be forced to battle a TRAINER that wants nothing but to welcome you to this path. Hopefully you've brought a Pokémon equipped with HM01, because there's many trees that can be CUT down. The TRAINERS here are fierce, with Pokémon around the LV30 mark. It's very good for raising expierence, and when you're in FUSCHIA CITY, you'll need it. Go to ROUTE 14, and 15, all littered with TRAINERS,and pass the gatehouse and you're in FUSCHIA CITY! Right under the GATEHOUSE, There are three TRAINERS and a patch of grass that has many second-level Pokémon that can be useful. There is also a way through CYCLING ROAD, but you need a BIKE and a Pokéflute. The FLY HM is also there if you CUT down a bush, and enter through the building at the side of the GATEHOUSE. There on the other side, a little girl will give it to you(girls do everything around here....) Go down CYCLING ROAD, which is littered with BIKERS. These dudes are the people that like fighting and poison Pokémon. Do be careful! When your finally down the slope, you can relax, and get out of CYCLING ROAD at last! And if you missed it, there is a TRAINER that wants to trade a rare LICKITUNG for a lesser SLOWBRO. So if you don't already have one, later in the walkthrough I will tell you how to. Walk towards the Pokémon Center and heal your Pokémon, and now you have the option of going to the SAFARI ZONE, where you can get 2 HMs, but we'll get to that later. You can go check out the latest products at the Pokémart. You can also go to KOGA's GYM, but I don't really recommend it because you should level up your Pokémon, because he is a real tough trainer. And, you can also pick up the latest scoop by wandering around........+_+ Well, first, we should tackle the SAFARI ZONE. Many Pokémon are there, and some are exclusively found only here, like KANGASKHAN, SCYTHER, and PINSIR. The person at the gate gives you 30 SAFARI BALLS, and all the BAIT and ROCKS you'll need to catch those little suckers! But here's the catch; You have to pay 500 gold to get in! Go in. The SAFARI ZONE is plentiful of trainers that do not want to fight, Pokémon, and items. The SECRET HOUSE is the place you want to find: In that area of the SAFARI ZONE, HM03(SURF), and the GOLD TEETH. Eeeew! They may seem gross and useless, but give them to the SAFARI WARDEN, he'll pop them in, and be able to talk to you. He'll give you the HM04(STRENGTH)! Maybe those gross teeth were actually worth picking up.............+_+ Next, the GYM. Really, you should of leveled up your Pokémon by now, so enter. These dudes like poison and psychic Pokémon, so hopefully you know what to do. There are Invisible walls, so, when you think you're incredibly close to him, he is blocked off. Look for gaps in the walls, and TRAINERS will be hanging around, so always be ready with a few ANTIDOTES, and if you want to be safe, more ANTIDOTES. Go back and forth from the GYM to the POKéMON CENTER, if you don't want to lose half of your money. And Finally, when you reach KOGA, He has a special surprise. He has a LV37 KOFFING, a LV30 MUK, another LV37 KOFFING, and a LV43 WEEZING. Be careful with him, his TOXIC technique is a disaster waiting to happen. The Poison effects get worse as the battle progresses if he manages to hit you with TOXIC. But kick that guy's sorry butt and he'll give you the SOUL BADGE, which raises your Pokémon's abilities and allows you to use SURF. So, check out all the other neat places in FUSCHIA CITY, and head south of the POKéMON CENTER, where there is a slope that you go down, until you hit water. You should have already equipped your Pokemon with SURF and STRENGTH by now, so don't even TRY to pull the "I forgot" trick. Bring an ESCAPE ROPE, and a Pokémon equipped with FLY. Open a new BOX in your COMPUTER, and grab the best POKéBALLS you can buy. Anything else can turn into a very necessary necessity, so be Prepared, as boy scouts say. Facing the water, use the SURF equipped Pokémon to sail through the water like a boat. There are many SWIMMERS,that have water Pokémon. For best effects, bring a electric Pokémon with you to give the competition a little surprise. But, you're destination is SEAFOAM ISLANDS, so carry on, stop procrastinating. When you get to SEAFOAM, you will need that ESCAPE ROPE. Enter the ISLAND. There are many Pokémon, including SLOWBRO. So, go back to the GATEHOUSE whn you have caught all the critters, and trade the SLOWBRO for the LICKITUNG. But anyways, let's go into SEAFOAM.

This is a network of caves that are very confusing. When you come to a certain spot, you will need to
push some boulders with STRENGTH into holes to change currents. Just keep wandering around until you find a screen with
about 6 or 7 boulders and push someof them into the holes (one each). Then you can catch the 1st legendary bird, ARTICUNO!
ARTICUNO is an ice and flying type Pokémon, so it is weak against fire, rock, and electric types. Lower it's energy to a mere
sliver, and keep throwing GREAT or ULTRA BALLS at it until you catch it. And like with SNORLAX, don't even try to use sissy
POKéBALLS. DON'T USE THE MASTER BALL EVEN IF YOUR DESPERATE!!!! You need to save it for a stronger
Pokémon. But we'll discuss that near the end of this walk through. I recommend to use the duplicating trick that I put in the  TIPS AND TRICKS  section with the MASTER BALL, so that dumb bird will be a cinch to catch. But, if you're that desperate not to
cheat..........^_^ Go on ahead, because that's very honorable!

^00^*You must not be honorable* Hey, WHO invited you?! *YOU did.* Then shaddup! *Shock* Oh, that's my Pokémon,
Pikachu. Be happy you are not in real Pokémon World. *WHAT DID YOU SAY?!* Aw, shaddup!^00^

Anyways, he will interupt again. I am working on a brace to wire the rodent's muzzle shut, but it might not be done in time. He
meant I like to cheat. This is true, but I am still eligible of the title of Pokémon Master. Now where was I? Oh yeah. Once you
have caught all the Pokémon you can find there, use the ESCAPE ROPE you should of brought there. You will be lifted back to
the POKéMON CENTER, where you will now FLY to SAFFRON CITY, and face SABRINA.

**Saffron City**
SABRINA is a secluded girl that I suppose craves Privacy. You must go from TELEPORT PAD to
TELEPORT PAD to get to her. It's simple though. First, go to the only TELEPORT PAD in the room, and then in the second
room, go straight to the lower right TELEPORT PAD, and then go to the upper right TELEPORT PAD, and then to the upper left
TELEPORT PAD, and then the lower left TELEPORT PAD. All in all, counterclockwise.Keep doing this until you reach a girl in
a dress that doesn't notice you when you pass by her. Talk to her and now you are going to face a Psychic Pokémon Master!
Make sure you have strong Pokémon of anything but the Ghost, Psychic and Fighting Type, because she'll turn them into a cream
puff with her arsenal of LV38 KADABRA, LV37 MR. MIME, a LV38 VENOMOTH, and a LV43 ALAKAZAM. Then FLY
back to FUSCHIA, and then to PALLET TOWN with lots of water Pokémon, one equipped with SURF, and of course, one
equipped with FLY. Surf south of PALLET TOWN to CINNABAR ISLAND, your next destination.

CINNABAR ISLAND is a small island, that can be very useful. There is an abandoned LAB, an active LAB, a GYM, and of course a POKéMON Center and a POKéMART. But what is this? The GYM is locked! I wonder where the KEY is. Since this IS a walkthrough, The KEY is in the burnt out LAB. This is the place where Pokémon have inhabited it like a house, and it's a site of PONYTA, MUK, and other sorts. Items are scattered every where, hidden in posts, and in POKéBALLS. Some posts have switches in them, that when pushed affect the entire place. It is filled with SCIENTISTS and ROBBERS waiting for a good fight. Push all the SWITCHES in a strategic order from left to right, and when you need to jump off a ledge, it is the one farthest to the right you need to jump off of. Once your on the right floor, go right to left. This may seem confusing, but you'll get in the hang of things after a while. Once you find the item called the SECRET KEY, you'll be sailing smooth. Find a way out(I suggest using another ESCAPE ROPE) and once you're outta of that old LAB we go to number 2. Go to the Newer Pokémon research lab, and get those fossils that were given to you by the SUPERNERD back at MT MOON. A dude wih bad grammar (or important doctor) will take the fossil from you and resurrect it back to life. With the HELIX FOSSIL you will get an OMANYTE. With the DOME FOSSIL you will get a KABUTO. Both are at LV30. They are useful against the GYM LEADER here, who is BLAINE, and they are one of a kind! There are many traders that have useful Pokémon to give you, But there is nothing you can't get youreslf. Next, go to the GYM. With the SECRET KEY in hand,you may think it will be a cinch now to get him to whimper, but it's more complicated than KOGA's, which was pretty complicated.You need to beat TRAINER after TRAINER to get to him. BLAINE is a tough trainer, that must have been training since he was a kid. BLAINE has a tough arsenal of fire Pokémon. The Pokémon he uses are fierce and of the fire type. The first is a LV42 GROWLITHE, a LV40 PONYTA, a LV42 RAPIDASH, and a LV47 ARCANINE. Your best bet are water and rock Pokémon to be at the least risk of losing. Once he's all "washed up", it's time to get that FOSSIL that you gave to the scientist dude to resurrect. If the number of Pokémon you're holding is maxed to the limit, they will automatically go to the PC.

%^*Power Plant*^%
Now, go and grab your best GROUND Pokémon, a Pokémon equipped with FLY and a Pokémon equipped with CUT, and a Pokémon equipped with SURF, and head to CERULEAN CITY with all the ULTRA BALLS you can buy, and head to the BURGLED HOUSE, go out the back way, and take the east exit. CUT down the bush blocking your way, and fight the spared once before TRAINERS on your way. Now it would be a crying shame if you got defeated by a TRAINER here, because they wouldn't be a challenge even if you were still at ROCK TUNNEL. You will appear at a patch of grass. Go towards the water, and SURF to the right, and down, until you appear at a large building. This building is the POWER PLANT, and is inhabited with Pokémon, just like the house on CINNABAR ISLAND, just with electric Pokémon instead of fire. In the red version you can find the moderately strong ELECTABUZZ, but in the other blue version, you can't find anything unique here, it's just the MAGMAR in the CINNABAR HOUSE. But there is one Pokémon that is unique and one of a kind in both versions; the legendary ZAPDOS! Search the POWER PLANT for numerous items and Pokémon. But be careful. VOLTORBS can easily be mistaken for a Pokéball, and so what looks like a Pokéball can just as easily be a LV40 Voltorb. Once you get to individual Pokémon that looks like a bird, you have found the second Legendary bird ZAPDOS. Talk to it, and you will have the chance to battle it. Get your best ROCK Pokémon out and get ready for a rough battle. This bird is the same as ARTICUNO, but of the Flying/Electric type. So this is why you need to get out a Rock Pokémon, at about LV40 or so. Use it's best rock or ground attacks and lower it's energy to a sliver, and throw all the ULTRA BALLS and GREAT BALLS you have at it. Once again you must NOT USE POKéBALLS OR your MASTER BALL unless you have a duplicating trick on the MASTER BALL. Once you have caught it, there is a little exit at the side that lets you out at the entrance.

^00^ *-_- zzz... snore* Hey! Wake up! *snore...zzz* Geez, do I always have to do this?!  WAKE UP!!!!*I'm up! I'm up!*
Listen you half-wit rodent! (Yes, Pikachu is a RODENT, not a Mouse or Rat.) *Your boring walkthrough... works like a charm compared to a lullaby* I'm almost to Gym Leader No. 8 you moron! Listen up! ^00^

*^*^ Viridian City Again?!^*^* FLY to VIRIDIAN CITY. You may think this city is not worthy to again see your face but think
again. Now, the GYM is open and running. Grab your best water and ground Pokémon and brace for the hardest battle so far!
This GYM is a maze of TRAINERS, PROPULSION PADS, and a GYM LEADER. This GYM LEADER is a "lovely friend" of
yours, that has caused trouble twice before. Oh yes, it is your "dear friend" GIOVANNI! This time his arsenal is bigger and
badder than it will ever be! He has a LV45 RHYHORN, a LV42 DUGTRIO, a LV43 NIDOQUEEN, a LV45 NIDOKING, and
a LV50 RHYDON. Water Pokémon can wipe out some of his Pokémon easy, they just need to be able to withstand his attacks!
Ground Pokémon can wipe out the Nido-couple, and there is one little move that can mess you up even with the strongest
Pokémon at your side, and that move is FISSURE. FISSURE'S weakness though is that it has absolutely no accuracy, so the
chances are slim that it will even touch your Pokémon. He gives this move to you at the end of the battle when he is defeated, so
when you teach it to a Pokémon, boost it with a few X ACCURACYs before you use the ultimate technique. Again GIOVANNI
will disappear into thin air, and you are left hanging thinking "Where do I go next?". Well do you remember that girl in one of the
POKéMON CENTERS talking about a thin path leading to the POKéMON LEAGUE HQ? Your at the right of that path so go
left until you come upon a slim path leading to a building. It'll say it on the TOWN MAP where your heading. It's below the
INDIGO PLATEAU. Gives you a clue? Go there. But wait, a wuss is coming out of the building........ a very familiar wuss, a
wuss from PALLET TOWN! Guess who? Yep, your stinky old RIVAL. He's already beaten the People in the building, and wants
to give you a taste of what's to come. Kick his sorry hide and skidaddle in to the building.

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